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Friday, August 04, 2006

Amateur Creampie Story

Later that night we returned to Baron's home for what Ginger and I were to label as the best amateur creampie houseparty ever. Ginger got fucked four times (having been reminded by me before the party that "it's about quantity, not quality"), I got my face in some tasty pussies that came noisily, and my tongue up one big-assed lady's slack asshole before she rode my face to some violent and loud orgasms, but the outstanding event of the evening had to be the surprise arrival of MusicMan, Ginger's all time favourite lover (next to me, of course), and his amateur creampie wife. Apparently Mrs. MM had given a fuck with Ginger to her husband as a gift for his recent birthday. This was very significant and well received, as they had "retired" from the lifestyle a couple of years ago, otwithstanding a few visits during which Mrs. MM had permitted her husband to have Ginger, most memorably when she choreographed a wonderful and satisfying dp for him, Ginger and me.1
Since Ginger was quite busy, it took some time for her and MM to get together, but eventually they found themselves in a naked 69 while I and a clothed Mrs. MM and a few assorted partiers watched from the sidelines. He was not to be denied his birthday present, however, and fucked my thrilled hotwife in several positions before letting go with a amateur creampie of Euro-cum up her hairy cooze.
Their mission cumpleted, MM quickly dressed and was hustled out the door by Mrs. MM. We saw them out with promises to get together again, but Ginger and I had an unspoken join her sloppy pussy which by now was draining down her legs, and my mouth. We urgently found a bed, and my loving hotwife gave me my second amateur creampie of the weekend as I slurped down the remains of MM's clear load.
I'm putting my after-life bet on reincarnation, because I want to come back as Ginger's next husband.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Amateur Creampie

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